The 12-Week Transformation is an individually tailored programme designed with you, for you, in order to acheive the greatest results possible in the shortest amount of time. Based on scientific principles derived from years of research and experience within the field of sports performance, nutritional planning and body composition, we guarentee you amazing results in the short space of just 12-weeks!

We leave nothing to chance. We provide you with intense, yet enjoyable training, a bespoke training and nutrition programme tailored to your needs and goals, education within the principles of training and nutrition so that you can continue your progress once the programme has been completed, supplement recommendations and large discounts with the UK's leading supplement company, 24/7 direct help and support from your personal transformation coach and much more.


We give you everything we can to help you transform your body, we demand that you give your time and effort to your programme, and together we achieve astonishing results that you will be able to retain and improve upon for the rest off your life!

Back in 2016, Will Ladbury took on the 12-Week Transformation challenge with Dan and the UK's leading Protein supplement brand, Maximuscle.


The costs were high, Will had 12-weeks to prepare for the biggest day of his life; his dream wedding on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini.

Dan provided the training and nutritional planning while Maximuscle provided Will with the UK's leading sports supplements, ensuring Will left no stone unturned in pursuit of his dream body for his dream wedding.

Click the short video to hear Wills own experience of the 12-Week transformation.

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Dan Lambert Fitness 12-week transformation Maximuscle

The 12-Week Transformation consists of 24x 60 minute personal training sessions. Although most clients commit to 2x sessions per week, individual circumstance or experience may deem for greater commitment, however in our experience, 2 sessions per week usually delivers for individuals new to a demanding training and nutritional regime.


As well as 24x personal training sessions, you will also take part in a detailed

nutritional consultation, receive a bespoke nutrition plan tailored to your needs

and goals as discussed during the consultation, and continued nutritional

management throughout the entire 12-weeks, making changes and adjustments

as your body adapts to your new regime. This does not mean we will be starving

you! Far from it.. Most of our clients are shocked at how much they can eat once

they have been given their tailored nutritional programme. We believe in

sustainable dieting for long term results. We want to pass on our knowledge and

teach you how you can continue a healthy balanced diet and keep achieving

results far beyond your programme deadline, we do not want to starve you, then

hear about a heavy relapse once the programme has ended, that is not the goal

of the 12-Week Transformation.

If you are willing to train more than two times per week, either on your own or with 

Dan, you can also request a training programme free of charge. This programme

will be designed with you, in order to fit into your lifestyle and deliver the results

that you want. Many of our clients start off with two sessions per week with a

trainer, but soon 'get the bug' and wish to extend their training to three, four and

sometimes five times per week! This is not recommended for individuals new to

training, as training is all about adaptation, however if you have some training

experience you may wish to discuss what you can do in your own time, booking

extra sessions and developing a bespoke training programme to suit your goals.

During your 12-weeks training you will also receive 24/7 direct help, guidance and

support via personal contact with Dan, your personal transformation coach. We

are as much dedicated to you as you are to your transformation. We understand

that 12-weeks of hard training and dieting can be a daunting and confusing time,

made harder by the vast obstacles and land mines within supermarkets,

supplement stores, gyms, health clubs and the internet! We eliminate these

obstacles by providing consistent support with only your results in mind. You are

our priority, not selling products or extra sessions.


By signing up to the 12-Week Transformation  you will also receive a 30% discount

code with the UK's leading supplement brand, Maximuscle. This kind of offer can

not be found on any discount website! We are very lucky  to have the support of

Maximuscle, who are the official suppliers to the England Rugby squad, Amir Kahn,

Jordan Henderson and many more elite athletes, and are one of the few brands

who are 'Sport Informed', meaning all Maximuscle products are free from all sports 

banned substances and can be taken by the UK Armed Services. As a 12-Week

transformation customer, these exclusive discounts are extended to you.

Back in 2018, Dan Tranter took on the 12-Week Transformation challenge in a bid to control his anxiety and mental health issues.


Dan was a retuning client after previously falling victim to an anxiety attack, something which has dealt with his whole life, and backing off from his first programme.

Dan provided the training and nutritional planning, while Maximuscle provided the supplements, ensuring Dan had everything he needed to get back on track and lose the weight he had gained during his time dealing with anxiety.

Click the short video to hear Dan's own experience of the 12-Week transformation.

To see more amazing results and to read the testimonials of previous 12-week transformation clients please click HERE.


Sign up to your own transformation today and receive:

- 24x 60-minute Personal Training sessions with a your body transformation expert in our training studio.


- Bespoke nutrition plan tailored to your individual goals and needs.

- Optional blood test analysis for advanced nutritional guidance (must be booked 4-weeks in advance).


- Nutritional audit and management with adjustments and continued adaptation.


- Bespoke training programme suited to your lifestyle and training availability.


- Progress management including body composition testing and measurements.


- 24/7 direct help, guidance and support via personal contact with your transformation coach.


- Exclusive discounts with leading health and fitness companies such as Maximuscle and MuscleFood.

- Want to train with a friend, spouse or partner? Train together and split the cost of your training in half!


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