We believe in value, and delivering the results that you want, not trading time for money like so many other trainers and coaches within the industry today.

It is our belief that, whatever your starting point, given expert professional advice, consultation and instruction, you can – and will – healthily attain your ideal physique.

Our strategy is to assess your current health, fitness, wellbeing and condition with a detailed online consultation. We work with you to determine your personal goals and motives, then devise a structured programme tailored to suit your individual needs.


We then guide you along the entire programme with a tunnel-vision approach to achieving the greatest possible result. No stone is left unturned and we do not waste your time and effort with a half-hearted service. We give you everything, we demand everything, and together we achieve your goals.


We believe in giving you everything you need to transform your body and life.


As well as guiding you through the entire process, we educate you in the principles behind our training  and nutritional methods so that you leave us with a new knowledge of nutritional principles, training skills and knowledge so that you can continue your new healthy lifestyle on your own.

If you are interested in discussing your goals, click HERE to start speaking with Dan.

Hi guys!

My name is Dan and I am a personal trainer from the midlands with over 10 

years experience working 1-2-1 with clients, speaking publicly about health,

fitness and nutrition and coaching clients online to reach their diverse goals.

I hold a degree in Sports and Exercise Science from the most prestigious sporting

university in the UK - Loughborough University - as well as other advanced

qualifications and awards. 


I am also a brand ambassador for the UK's leading sports nutrition brand - 

Maximuscle. Where I deliver educational content, provide informative marketing

material and other such services.

I have over 10 years’ experience within the fitness industry working within various

environments - training thousands of clients, from first-time gym-goers looking to

improve their general health and fitness, pop stars and celebrities preparing for

media campaigns and elite athletes, such as; top level Rugby teams, professional

Mixed Martial Arts champions, GB Hockey players, professional Boxers,

International Football players and even an Olympian!

However, my true passion is for helping people like you change your life through

fitness and a sustainable healthy lifestyle - achieving things you would never have

thought possible on your own!

Nothing gives me more of a buzz than comparing an amazing pre and post

programme photo and having being apart of the journey.

I started out my journey as a humble gym instructor - eager to make my mark 

within my local town by producing incredible, and sometimes unbelievable,

body transformations. My passion became a successful business and within a

few years I had built a private studio with a lengthy waiting list and had hired

6 full-time trainers to help take on the demand.

My passion grew but I had an itch to be scratched. I wanted to see the world.

Thus, I made a defining decision. I sold my studio, brought a round-the-world

plane ticket and developed The Body Project so that I could

continue my passion for coaching while travelling around the globe!

Now back on English soil, I continue my coaching work within Snap Fitness,

Hinckley, with clients of all ages, sizes, ability and dreams.

Let me guide you through your journey - from your initial face to face consultation,

to our final post-programme debrief and the achievement of what was once an

elusive goal!

Take a look at my testimonial page here. All of these

people were once in the position you find yourself

in now. They all read this bio, probably sceptically,

however they made the decision to change their

lives there and then.

That could also be you in 12-weeks time...

If you would like more information regarding

our services click here to compare our

programmes, or you can start speaking to

myself and the team by filling in 

this quick contact form here.

We hope to hear from you.

Yours in health and fitness,

Dan Lambert

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