What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is an online platform designed to include everything you need to reach your goals, without a hefty personal training price tag.

Designed by a UK industry leading personal trainer, using our knowledge and experience working with hundreds of body transformation clients, we have developed a 8-week online coaching program guaranteed to produce the results that YOU want (as long as you put the work in!) at a fraction of the cost of a similar personal training programme.

New spaces go live every month with limited space available, so do not hold off and pass by this amazing opportunity to achieve the body you have always wanted, just in time for the summer!

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What do I receive?

- Initial consultation with Dan via Online Consultation Form, FaceTime / Skype chat to discuss your history, goals, needs, potential barriers and your 8-week strategy.

- 8-week professionally periodised training programme designed to build strength and drastically improve fitness performance.

- Full comprehensive nutrition programme, tailored to your goals and need - whether fat loss, muscle building, sports performance or general health & wellbeing, we have got you covered.

- Supplement recommendations based on your nutritional history and 

8-week programme goals.

- Exclusive discounts with the UK's largest supplement brand, Maximuscle.

- Weekly 'check-in' with Dan via Email, FaceTime or WhatsApp call in order to

maintain accountability and discuss any edits to your plan.

- Unlimited plan edits to ensure progress is guarenteed.

- Access to Dan via Whatsapp, email, Facebook and FaceTime / Skype.

- A comprehensive e-book, containing your tailored diet plan 

and supplement recommendations, plus exclusive content such as; 

nutritional principles explained, full supplement guide, mindset strategies, 

such as 'the power of habit and building routines' and in depth knowledge

behind other health and fitness principles.

- Free educational ebooks, including your complete supplement A-Z, calorie

guide and 'eating out' guide.

- Access to an exclusive, closed facebook group to communicate with Dan and

the other members.

- Weekly online educational seminars and live group chats in order to improve 

your knowledge of training and nutritional principles. 

- Exercise demonstration videos, workout tips and much more online video content.

- If you follow instruction and put the work in, GUARANTEED RESULTS!


Programming by an industry leading coach suited to your goals.


Flexible approach to a sustainable balanced diet without restriction.


24/7 access to your personal coach via WhatsApp / email.


Results driven plan guaranteed to deliver the results you want.


Do I have to have experience in the gym to take part?

No. Your 8-week programme is tailored completely to you including exercise selection and intensity.

Should I already be fit before I start?

No. Online Coaching is a great way to spring out of a rut and dive head first into a healthier lifestyle. There is no better way to get started than with the help and guidance of our expert coaches.

Is the project suited for women?

Yes. The project is suited to all, as everything you receive is tailored to you as an individual.

Are results guaranteed?

Yes. As long as you follow your programme consistently and put the hard work in your end, we can guarantee you will achieve amazing results and learn a hell of a lot along the way!

How much contact do I have with Dan?

Initial consultations, weekly 'check ins' via FaceTime / Skype and all email responses shall be made by Dan. You also receive access to a private Facebook group and WhatsApp details.


Can the challenge be done at home?

Yes. If you do not have access to a gym we can programme your training to be done at home using minimal equipment.

Do I have to be anti social during the challenge?

No. We are here to guide you through your 8-weeks, which includes planning and preparing for social events and other aspects of every day life which may interfere with your programme, so that you can stay on track while enjoying your life as you mean to.

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So, how much?

This 8-week coaching costs only £99.99!

Thats only £1.78 per day, or half a coffee from Starbucks, for;


- an 8-week periodised training programme, designed specifically for you.

- a flexible nutrition plan, tailored towards your goals and needs, without restriction or exclusion of food groups / treats.

- 24/7 support from your personal coach via private WhatsApp chat and / or email

- the accountability of weekly check-in's and reporting to your coach. Your coach will also make edits to your programme as your work through to ensure progress is guaranteed.

- much, much more! (see above)

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How do I sign up?

Use the form to the right to send Dan a direct email, quoting 'Online Coaching' as the subject.

You can also use this form to request more infomation.

You will then receive a reply with either requested information or a confirmation, an initial online consultation form and a programme 'getting started' guide.

Dan will then arrange your video call consultation and get you set up on your programme!

If you would like more information regarding the programme and our other services before you make any decisions please do not hesitate to complete the form and ask any questions you may have.

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