How can it be personal training, if it’s not one-to-one?


Well, we’d all agree that individual coaching gives you the tailored approach and personal attention to help you achieve results faster and in a safer way.


But what if you could get the same high-quality coaching and the same focus with the added motivation of a fun class dynamic?


Small-group Personal Training is the best of both worlds.

Believe it or not, about 90% of people would be better off in a small group personal training environment, than one to one, and here’s why…

Let’s start by explaining what small group means. It involves one coach and between one to four clients being taken through a personal training session together.


You might be asking yourself;


What if you are not at the same fitness levels as the other people in your session?


What if you are new to strength training and have never picked up a weight in your life?


These things don’t matter. If the coach is good at their job, they will be able to manipulate and change a programme to suit all levels and you won’t necessarily be doing the same exercise as the other people in your group. Remember it is still a personal training session with just a few other people being coached at the same time.


Most people work best in a group environment. It creates an exciting atmosphere. You are more motivated to push yourself harder in your training with others around you. If the other people training with you are getting on with their workout it will drive, you to do the same. In a group session you are unlikely to spend half the time just having a chat with your coach, you will be focused on your training and getting more out of your session. Remember a coach is there to make sure you are training safely, effectively and proficiently not counting your reps.


Most people need similar strength programmes. Ones that look at correcting posture and alignment (we tend to spend a good amount of the day hunched over a keyboard or a phone), a lot of unilateral (one-sided) work to help with any muscular imbalances, some shoulder stabilisation exercises and many more posterior exercises. You don’t need a very specific or individual programme to work through any of the above.


So, when would someone need one to one coaching?


Coaching one to one is ideal if you have a very specific fitness goal. For example, if you are an athlete training for a competition or race. Your goals might be so individual that an all-round general strength-based programme might not be appropriate. The one to one road is also the one to follow if you are recovering from a serious injury where your session needs to be personalised and tailored to help you recover and avoid any new injury.


If you’re looking at increasing your strength and fitness and are considering using personal training have a think about if small group personal training might be what you are looking for, 9 times out of 10 its usually is.




A chance to discuss your goals, needs and training options with Dan


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Try an SGPT session without any obligation.


Results guaranteed! This is a results driven programme designed

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Individual attention and care applied via regular feedback and plan adaptations.


Manage your membership and payment plan via our members mobile app.


Use the mobile app to manage your session schedule, then show up and send it!



What are the benefits?

High-quality coaching and the same 1-2-1 focus with the added motivation of a fun group dynamic and cheaper session rates.

What is the difference between SGPT and a class?

Classes serve large groups of people with very little individual focus. SGPT takes all of the benefits of a personal training session and applies that to a manageable group of 2-4 participants.

What if I am at a different level to the other people I am training with?


The coach will be able to manipulate and change a programme to suit all levels. This means that you won’t necessarily be doing the same exercise as the other people in your group or you may be advised to work at a different pace within a designated time. No single participant will have influence over the session quality of the other participants.

Does it matter if I don’t know the people I’m training with?


SGPT gives you the opportunity to meet new like-minded people and develop strong bonds of camaraderie and friendship.

Will I get nutrition advise alongside my training?

Yes, nutrition advice comes as standard to everybody training with us.

Will I become just a number?


Every member is treated as an individual and is guaranteed 1-2-1 care and attention alongside their SGPT sessions. You may be working out in a small group, but you are treated as an individual client.

Will I get the session time I want?

There are currently 8 spaces available every morning and 12 spaces available every evening. We have capped our membership allowance to ensure all members are able to fulfil their session allowance.


How do I pay?

First of all, if you are new to Dan Lambert Fitness, you are entitled to a free trial session, after which you can either; pay for sessions PAYG, buy a 'pack of sessions' or become a member, where you can pay a convenient, discounted monthly fee for a select number of sessions per week (2, 3, 4 & unlimited). This removes the annoyance of paying PT fees and installs accountability into your training routine.

Tracey Milne

Commando Joes Instructor

I never thought I'd get on with group training as I'm not very confident but working out with other like minded people, who all want to better themselves, is amazing!



I wasn't sure if I would get the individual attention I receive from my regular 1-2-1 PT, however nothing has changed except now I can train with others who help motivate me!

Carole Gilkes

Chief Customer Officer

I was reluctant at first as I was unsure wether I would feel comfortably training in a group - but Dan ensured my needs were catered for and I loved it!

Dan Lambert

SGPT Coach

SGPT is a high energy, highly effective, low cost alternative to the outdated 1-2-1 model. There are no down sides to switching.



We understand that investing your time and money in a coach is a huge decision, which requires research, thought and trust - so please, feel feel to contact us using the form below with any questions you may have regarding your goals and needs, our coaching methods or any other questions you may have.

We're always happy to help and eager to discuss your goals with you. We would like you to feel worry-free and confident in your decision before signing up to any of our programmes.

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