Pay As You Train

The simplest way to train! Book a single session for yourself or train with a partner and split the cost HERE.

If you live a busy, hectic lifestyle, or you are not sure whether you want to commit to a larger training package, 'pay-as-you-train' may be the option for you. 'Pay-as-you-train' gives you the flexibility to book and rebook as and when you like, without having to hand over a large sum of money. However, although your trainer will always share their knowledge and deliver as much advice as possible during your session, 'pay-as-you-train' does not include a formally written bespoke nutrition programme, this can be provided at an extra cost or is included free within our package services outlined below.

Only £35 per session

Block of 10

If you lack motivation, struggle to stick to a regular training regime or realise that an extra incentive may be needed to ensure you remain strict to your training, a package training service such as the 10 pre-paid session plan may be for you. Many clients find that investing money in their training in advance is a great external motivator when the urge to skip a session kicks in.


Pre-pay for 10 sessions, book in as and when you like using your sessions as a tab and save £50!

You can even train with a partner and split the cost.

Only £300 for 10 sessions

The 12-Week Transformation

The 12-Week Transformation is an individually tailored programme designed with you, for you, in order to acheive the greatest results possible in the shortest amount of time. Based on scientific principles derived from years of research and experience within the field of sports performance, nutritional planning and body composition, we guarantee you amazing results in the short space of just 12-weeks!

A fully comprehensive programme and the cheapest way to train!

For more information click HERE

Only £675

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