5 ways to get Fit & Ripped without Cardio

Treadmills, Bikes and Cross-trainers are boring, too easily adapted to (eventually use less energy to perform), too easy to wimp out on and IMO just an easy way out of proper hard work in the gym (we have all seen guys reading the paper on the recumbent bike). Enough said.

Try these methods to get insanely fit, strong and ripped in half the time!...

Pre-warning however, they are going to hurt!

Barbell Complex

Complete multiple exercises with once piece of equipment back to back without rest. For example, take a barbell and complete 1x Power Clean, 1x Front Squat, 1x Push Press, 1x Back Squat and then finish with 1x Push Jerk from behind the neck. Thats one rep. Now try and get through a set of 10 of those.

You can work to a single rep heavy weight here for hulk like strength gains, go for conventional sets and reps to work your grip strength, endurance and efficiency or you could complete a prescribed set of reps of a complex within a larger workout (see below).

9 Rounds for time of:

3x Barbell Complex (Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Jerk)

6x Bar over Burpees

200m Run

I have also done this as a partner workout, going 100% for one set then resting as your partner completes a set.

Loaded Carries

Pretty simple - pick up something heavy and walk with it for a set distance or time.

Trap bars, yolk's or designed farm carries are the best as you avoid smashing your quads in with heavy weights. Try to avoid using straps and reap the functional strength rewards from this overlooked exercise.

Sled Push / Pulls

Push or pull, your prerogative. Load the sled/prowler heavy and move it as fast as you can for a given distance (these have been some of the worst workouts I have ever done.. and by worst I mean best 💪🏽)

Here is one of my favourites;

Push 30m

Drag 30m (walking backwards pulling the sled with a TRX or rope)

Rest 90 seconds

Repeat x10


Complete 20 seconds work on an exercise (e.g. KB Swing) with 10 seconds rest and repeat for 8 sets (4 minute)

These work great in home workouts as you can perform relatively simple bodyweight exercises to an extremely high intensity. Try to keep the exercises simples as you do not want to be wasting your 10 seconds rest re-racking equipment.

I like partnering antagonistic (opposite muscle groups) exercises in tabata workouts to keep them fun.

For example;

Press Ups x20 seconds

Rest x10 seconds

TRX Row x20 seconds

Rest 10 seconds

Repeat x4.

Thats 1 Tabata. Now rest 2-3 minutes and pick a new pair.


Taken from the highly popular crossfit programming. Complete a circuit of exercises ‘as many times (rounds) as possible’ in a given time frame.

For example;

20 minutes of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Press Ups and 20 Squats.

Every time you complete this workout try to beat your last score.

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